Antonio Brown posts photo with Tom Brady's wife amid marital drama

Brown took to Instagram and share a photo of himselfwith super model Gisele Bundchen

During Brady’s first season with the Buccaneers in 2020, the former Patriots quarterback reportedly let Brown stay with him after he signed with Tampa Bay.

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Brown's' association with the Pirates scandalously finished in January, when he shed his game-day attire and ran off the field shirtless at MetLife Arena in a challenge against the Planes.

Brown, who currently remains a free agent, later trashed Brady on Twitter as the seven time Super Bowl champion stepped away from training camp due to “personal” reasons in augest

Tom Brady controls the game and gets 14 days to home get his mind right haha. Presently see the distinction. Put that ton. Antonio Brown on Twitter

Brown's a latest Instagram post comes just weeks after Page Six reported that Bundchen and Brady engaged in a series

In any case, sources close Bundchen as of late said their conjugal issues have "nothing to do with his choice to get back to the NFL" adding those claims are "chauvinist."

The issues are not because of his choice to play football once more here and their things are muddled. Source

The couple, who has been hitched starting around 2009 purportedly remained in isolated homes while digging in Miami last week in front of Hurricanelan

Credit:getty images

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