mick schumacher that Haas was inspired by Ferrari's aerodynamic concept 23 years old

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Kevin Magnussen He is the son of four-time Le Mans winner and former Formula One driver Jan Magnussen. 30 years Old

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Daniel Ricciardo AM is an Italian Australian hustling driver who is presently contending in Equation One driving for McLaren age 33

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Lance Stroll better known as Lance Stroll, is a Canadian–Belgian racing driver competing under the Canadian flag in Formula1

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Sebastian Vettel  having previously driven for BMW Sauber net worth 140 million

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pierre gasly Net Worth is $33 Million US Dollars (£50 Million UK Pounds)

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Valtteri Bottas having previously driven for Mercedes net worth of $30 million

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Fernando Alonso He won World Drivers Championship in 2005 net worth $260 Million

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Esteban Ocon  Net worth f1 top 10 driver. 26years old only net worth $18 million

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Lando Norris net worth is estimated at $ 25 million only 22 years old

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