The duo of Saket and Yuki lost to Rad-Durasovich in the doubles

World number two Ruud defeated Prajnesh and Durasovic defeated Ramkumar


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India lost 0-3 to Norway in Davis Cup Combined Group One

Lillehammer, date. 17
India in World Group One for the first time Lost 0-3 at nine. Now | The rest of the Rurs singles are quite formal and are gone. The amount of price in d Maynani and T Bhashwari's Sad and 3-6, 6-3, 3-6 against Dursovich was defeated. Prajnesh Gunetharan At number two in the first singles and The US Opener up Kar Woodsame | Pay ryo a pa Jaman I Orjanesh Radsame Jeh t run way Manach me as the upset was created. India | A chance to offset another single three Tee Pak India's number one player Ramkumar in the world than him Karat Kamana Khel Rasik Same 1-1 6, 4-9 was a poor show. Ramkumar | Stir in the vegetables and juices Kamank Parah six. Although Ramkamar to India 1-17. Karbari can not take the fee Was disappointed. Dreadful landing Sharbhava without Ray in Ranigan's sight Sane Samakam played the game In addition to arash 1st game with Sbatari. First After the tie was tied 1-1 Hurasovic was overwhelmed.

Ruud defeated

The US Champion in the Open and Defeat of world number one Alcaraz

Valencia, dt. 17
The US Open Champion and Word In his first match after becoming number one | 19-year-old Alcaraz Davis from Spain against Aliasim of Canada playing in the cup Defeat has been suffered. It's 7-6, 4- 6, and was defeated by R-D. Spain vs Serbia They have won 3-0 against Canada. Aguirre defeated Pospisil to Spain's 1-0 lead. But from Canada Aliasim beat Alcaraz score 1- The 1st tie was Lavo. after that Canada won the decisive doubles Paired with Aliasim and Pospisil A pairing of granolas and martinis from Spain

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