Kevin Pietersen of Manchester United Coach Erik Ten Hag called him a joker

Pietersen upset with coach Erik ten Hague's treatment of Ronaldo, United removed T20 World Cup promotional post from Instagram

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England's top football club Manchester United coach Erik ten Hague Top footballers included in their team The way Ronaldo was treated Ronaldo's fan base has been Desolate. Haig Ronahon mostly Startig was included in the discount So and he is a mediocre player By treating him like that, Former England cricket star Kevin Peterson is also upset.

Manchester United recently T20 World on Instagram account A promotional post of the cup was placed. in which Also included is a photo of Kevin Peterson was Pietersen was shocked to see this and joked with the coach Eric ten Haag were considered Below United's post Commenting, Peterson said, "Thank you."

Please remove my picture from this post. do I am associated with such a club Don't want to keep, whose coach Joker Be and who is the greatest of our time Not respecting the footballer. Cristiano Ronaldo is the boss. That one The Joker (Erik Ten Hague) doesn't even remember But not to keep. He realizes the fact. should be United talk to Pietersen Considering this post was removed.

Remarkably, by the neglect of Coach Haig A bored Ronaldo last week Substitute in the match against Tottenham As refused to get on the field was given and before the match was over had left the field. After this the Dutch coach Hague ruled him out of the match against Chelsea was placed and with the team Also removed from practice. m And Chelsea's match was 1-1.

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