Kyler Murray Reportedly Hit in the Face by Fan After Raiders Game

Good News, Bad News: Two Sides to Every Story

All the obligatories at the top it does n’t mean the play call was right. It does n’t mean the Chicago Bears would ’ve won. It does n’t mean the offense and Fields do n’t need a lot of work.

Not saying any of that. I ’m only saying that, on renewal, it’s clear Justin Fields scored that touchdown.

It’s extremely hard to see where the ball is in that mess, but it wasn't insolvable if you use a little enhance- enhance- enhance type stuff to produce contrasts. Do I get why they did n’t capsize it? Yes. It wasn't incontinently egregious on quick aesthetics on renewal. But do I suppose they should have the technology available to see this stuff snappily and make the correct call on renewal? I do.

Below, I outlined the visible portions of the football in red, and the split in the middle is where Justin Fields ’ thumb is visible on the ball. As you can see, his thumb is right there on the front of the thing line, and there’s a considerable portion of the football that gets past the line. You can indeed see his right cutlet tips touching the nose of the football as he tries to keep it secure


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